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Things are moving. Not fast, but they're moving. After what I would call "photographic defeat" due to the lack of proper equipment (and my own stubborness to try it anyway, see sunset tree photos) I was very happy that some additional leatherwork stuff arrived.
I managed to finish of my first belt and I'm very pleased with it. Giving it a proper burnishing on the edges and smothen the flesh side of the leather was the last missing part.
There's a second belt waiting to be finished and after that I'll be looking into some leather stamping. Having the Leatherwork section as a steady motivator in my RSS feed helps and shows the amazing talent which is out there.
Happy days :)
I didn't manage to unlock my original Flickr account, so I had to create a new one. Feel free to add me under…

Apart from that nothing much happened, I'm mostly busy working for the photography league we started in our club and preparing for the L-Panel, so I'm not bored at least :)
... since I joined a photography club.
I have to say I still enjoy it and it's an interesting and rewarding thing to do. I'm getting lots of input on photos, get to know more places around and made new friends. Also with the new "photographic" year I started with printing pictures for the club league which I really like.
Due to being busy with everything else I really didn't do that much of photography as I wanted but then again I'm in no hurry :)
I dragged out a book about drawing (an older version of this one: "The new drawing on the right side of the brain") which seems to be a book pretty popular. I "lent" his book from one of my best friends even before I left for Ireland, guess I just send him over a a copy of the newest version.

So let's see where this journey is going, I went for getting some basic supplies already and did two of the first pre-assignments which are "Draw a self-portrait", "Draw your hand" and "Draw a portrait out of your memory". Those three pictures are used to compare and measure your progress.

Once I finished the third one I will get them scanned and uploaded. Judging from the drawing of my hand it would be only usable for paint by numbers ^^

Stay tuned.
Thanks to my cousin I got an introduction to leathercraft, basic handling, cutting, stitching and so on. Finally the piece of lether I had ordered has arrived, so let's see where this journey will take me :) First project is a case for my phone.
Finished the blog, at least to be able to use it. The design will change sooner or later once some functionality has been added but for now I just use it like it is. I will post some photography related stuff, see it as some sort of a yourney towards the creation of a photo:
Feel free to follow me on Twitter: :) will be online somewhen soonish ("soonish" is an ancient Irish saying, an indefinite point in the near future which has the same accuracy as the Irish weather forecast).
So, I think I will make some changes in my digital life.

Let's have a look how life will be without facebook.
M O T I V A T I O N !